• virtual, immersive and interactive art gallery

The first completely virtual, immersive and interactive art gallery in the world where light guides the computer and the minds of the people.
Dim light in the space is delicate and fragile on the walls and the intangible images become the largest virtual touch screen in the world.

2 years of prototyping allows visitors to immerse themselves in over 300 digitized, high-definition, 360-degree images.

The lifeblood of the installation is a revolutionary technology that allows the walls of the new Innovation Space (inside the main branch of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation) to come to life in the world premiere of an immersive, emotional and spectacular format.

An innovative narration where light creates images and stories that the viewer can shape at will simply by touching the intangible: a synaesthetic sensory experience that leads to a total personalization of the exhibition to make the same show into innumerable exhibitions, different each time.
An interactive journey with multiple choices, continuously evolving, where the public is both active user and viewer.

The installation, the only one of its kind in the world, is the result of a sophisticated project developed by Alessandro Marrazzo and his team. It involved over twenty companies that specialize in new technologies and IT and more than a hundred professionals.

This new exhibition concept incorporates a totally innovative way of utilizing art, through a multimedia set-up capable of giving the visitor an extraordinarily intense visual and emotional experience.

In the multi-purpose space, the material dimension and intangible dimension blend and alternate.
Touching the real surface of 300-year-old walls, the visitor produces an exciting interactivity that has a magical quality: the video projections, large images of moving light, change, shift and evolve in real time before the spectator’s incredulous eyes. New pop up windows, graphics, galleries, virtual captions, historical insights, new images and everything that the imagination can conceive come to life in a spectacular interactive projection.
The result is a totally new interactive technology never seen before.
No motion sensor or infrared. No detection camera or Kinect.
The walls (and any surface, also 3D) become touch screens with the millimetric precision of a mouse.
Infinite touch points, with no limit in size, the possibility of application on non-flat surfaces or 3D objects and fully customizable interactive functions are just some of the features that make this interactive video projection technology, currently, like the most modern and evolved.

State-of-the-art high-definition and laser technology video projectors, equipped with ultra short lenses: revolutionary optics that allow viewers to touch video projections without causing shadows on walls even at extremely close range.

To complete the functionality, a software designed ad hoc and dedicated to multi-projection management, allows the high definition images to be distributed over the entire exhibition itinerary without interruption, giving the viewer the thrill of totally interactive immersion.

Not a traditional exhibition, but a completely new concept, an exhibition that is constantly changing, alive and stimulating, divided into emotional places, for a sensory experience that can also be enjoyed by an audience that has little contact with art or museums.


ANSI lumens of light power

square metres of interactive walls




made with ❤️ in ACD